how to start business in China, or Hongkong

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There are various forms of investment entities available to suit
different business objectives and operations:

1. Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise ( WFOE)

A WFOE as the name suggests – is 100% foreign owned but could be a
manufacturing wfoe, consulting wfoe, catering wfoe etc. It will allow
you greater management control and flexibility.

2. Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise(FICE)

A FICE could also be classified as a WFOE and it is in nature a trading
company allowed to do retail and wholesale activities in China.

3. Joint Ventures(JV)

If your investment involves a Chinese partner you could probably go
to set up either a Sino-Foreign equity joint venture or a cooperative
joint venture.

4. Representative Office ( RO)

Setting up a representative office has been the most simple way to
get into China and the easiest way to gain on-the-market experience.

5. Mergers and Acquisitions(M and A)

Mergers and acquisitions are also powerful ways to enter China
market. M and A can provide enhanced speed to market, increased
incentive alignment, local knowledge, expertise, and access to a strong
network of relationships.

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