最近看到一本很有趣的书,关于micro-ISV(wikipedia)。告诉你如果要成为一个“个人独立软件商”需要考虑的事情,一直有想法做一点东西出来,但目前做出来的东西按书里边所讲的,都连半成品都没达到。如何把idea变为有益他人的东西,而且有实际产出 – 其实就是一个完整的project。 这是最重要的。尤其是涉及到一些关于版权,市场策划,以及推广的一些专业人员看来很基础的东西,对我们这些做技术的是很有价值的启发。

google library上这本书


Self-funded: This means maybe you max your credit cards and maybe Uncle Jim helps you out, but your business is going to be largely self-funded and way below the radar of venture capitalists looking for the next billion-dollar hit.

Small: This means your company is one person the majority of the time or has maybe a couple of partners. If it’s larger than that, other dynamics such as what you’re using for salaries come into play.

Internet: Although Eric was talking about small, independent software vendors, independent software vendors was a term coined at Microsoft to cover everyone else in the software industry it had not acquired, partnered with, or driven out of business.In actuality, the I in micro-ISV really means Internet, since it’s the Internet that makes micro-ISVs possible, not Microsoft.

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