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    * eSWT:   The embedded Standard Widget Toolkit which is a subset of desktop SWT API. An eSWT implementation for Series 80 has been contributed. The development for s60 platform is in progress.
    * Core Runtime:   Eclipse Core which provides OSGI and Extension Point Framework support.
    * eJFace:   A set of classes which extend eSWT to: enable eRCP applications to integrate with an eRCP workbench, and provide more complex widgets like MVC oriented viewers.
    * eWorkbench:   A UI framework which supports multiple cooperative eRCP applications, and a generic Workbench which manages launching and display of eRCP applications.
    * eUpdate:   A simplified API and interface for dynamically updating device software.

How to use eSWT with Midlets
Using eSWT and MMAPI together to take a picture in Java ME

Java Runtime 1.4 for S60 Release notes(目前只有N97)支持触摸屏)

Java Runtime 1.3 for S60 Release notes(目前只有5800)

Java API Specifications

System properties

Java ME UI Frameworks

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