Decided to use Fire-j2me as the UI engine, evaluated the API and felt good.This website is author’s company which focuses on the Proximity Marketing(亲近营销,接近营销), the new word to me. Should elabrate it in another entry. Anyway, the idea is to do the marketing in the certain scenario with mobile devices equipped with bluetooth, blablabla…check this out:
Initially, eSWT is prefered, however, there’s not much stuff in the Internet, and all I got from eclipse/eRCP official website is something like windows-ce runtime. God knows!
And LWUIT is not applicable, coz I did not feel it “light-weighted” and the worst thing is it does not support Chinese input.

Something from Fire’s readme:
Fire is a lightweight themable GUI engine for j2me MIDP2 applications. It is designed to be an eye-candy replacement to the traditional midp GUI components. It provides much more functionality than the midp standard components and its not kvm-implementation depended like the midp standard components.

Since v2.0 Fire also has an xHTML module that allows the creation of mobile browsers and GUIs based on xHTML. Fire also comes with a set of utility classes for logging, internationalization and more.

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